Project Information

This project was designed a mobile application which could be able to control and manage projects, Communicate with team members and make collaboration easier. It was the first app in the persian language with those features. .


Designing and building an android application based on users' requirements.

My Tasks

-UX/UI design for the application

Design Process




Each project has its own budget, although this one had very low budget and time-limited to design and implement, some market research was done among compatitors.

  1. Podio mobile application
  2. Asana a web and mobile application




Flowchart diagram is the sequence of movements of users involved in project management app.
User flow is not that different. The goal of both is to enhance users’ ability to accomplish a task with the least amount of friction. They both help designer think through the design before the feature is developed.




Low fidelity wireframes help us decide in structure, content, information hierarchy, functionality, and the behavior of the application content. It is done by Moqups web application.


Aesthetics and content are more precise than lower down the fidelity spectrum, I concentrated on refining the graphics, spacing, and layout.
This wireframe is designed by Adobe XD. The order of images is the same as low-middle fidelity images.


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